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What exactly is Ranvu?

Ranvu is an on-demand grocery delivery service App.

Customers can order groceries through the App from their favorite local stores, and then Ranvu drivers handpick the items and deliver them within 2 hours for immediate deliveries as well as restaurant delivery service.

What if I am  not at home what would happen to my order?

Our app is designed to let you know the status of your order every step of the way. This is meant to help you be aware of when the driver will arrive at your door with your order. In case of any reason you are not at the address to receive your order, our drivers will gladly wait  for 10 minutes. If there is no response by then, our driver will have to continue serving other customers. The delivery fee will not be refunded.

I have a disability, can the driver bring my groceries inside my home?

Unfortunately, for your safety and the safety of our drivers, orders will be delivered at the door.

Can the driver bring my groceries all the way to my kitchen if I pay extra?

Unfortunately, for your safety and the safety of the grocery delivery drivers, they are instructed not to enter your home and only deliver your groceries at your door.

If an item is missing from my order, what can I do?

Please send a message to your delivery driver, he will gladly return to the store and get it for you.

How long does it take to get my groceries?

For your convenience, Immediate orders can be delivered to your door within 2 hours from the time you placed the order. For scheduled deliveries, your groceries will arrive within the 1 hour time frame of your choosing.

Can I ask to get my order in less than 1 hour?

We are working hard to increase the delivery options for our customers. Unfortunately for the moment this is not available yet. Nevertheless, depending on the distance and size of your order, the drivers will do their best to get your order as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

Can my co-workers and I make an order as a group to be delivered at our office?

Definately! You and your friends can get together to order your lunch or birthday celebration feast! One of you can order for everyone.

Is there a minimum purchase order?

Yes. there is a minimum purchase order of $35.00 for grocery delivery and $20 minimum purchase order from available restaurants.

Where does Ranvu get their groceries from?

Ranvu is currently in the Texas lower Rio Grande Valley, and offers its customers the possibility to continue buying their groceries from the stores they love and trust. It launched offering  HEB and Walmart as the select stores to choose from. Ranvu is excited to say that the selection of stores has increased to include local stores: Bob Stark's Beef shop,  Aries Tortillerías. 

Can I place an order instantly at anytime?

You can place an order instantly from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

Can I scheduled an order for a specific time of the day?

Yes. You can choose a time between 9am and 10 pm on the same day, or up to 1 week in the future.

Does Ranvu deliver alcohol or Tobacco products?

No. At the time, Ranvu does not deliver alcohol or tobacco.

Does Ranvu accepts Lone Star Card /EBT?

No, at the moment Ranvu accepts debit and credit card payments only.

What if I don't want to tip the driver using my credit card. Can I pay him/her cash?

You can tip the driver via credit card, cash or both.

I do not have a credit card or debit card. Can I pay cash at the time of delivery?

Unfortunately that is not an option at the moment.

Are the prices the same in the Ranvu App as in-stores?

Prices you see on Ranvu App maybe higher to offset the cost of  personalized grocery selection.
How much is the delivery fee?
The Delivery fee is $15.00 within the same zip code. Extra dollar fee will apply per added zip code. For restaurant it varies depending in the partnership agreement with the selected restaurant stores.
Is Ranvu a part of Walmart or HEB?
No. Currently we do not have any association with any of the stores from  where we provide the delivery service for our customers. 
How can I contact Ranvu is there is an issue? Our customer have the convenience to send us an email through the App from "Contact Us" feature in the main menu, or from our website www.ranvu.comOur Customer Service Line is 956-683-6780